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Texas town police department offers to test 'contaminated meth with the coronavirus'

Public service trying to save lives
Feb 28, 2020 – 10:56 AM EST

JOHNSON CITY, TX - The police department in Johnson City, Texas wants you to give them a call if you suspect that your methamphetamine in Blanco County is contaminated with the coronavirus.

Authorities are urging people to take their meth to the police station or they will come to you at test it at your house. If you'd like to participate in this free service, call 830-868-7104.

Health officials are not laughing at this matter though.

“That’s pretty extraordinary,” Stefano M. Bertozzi, a professor at the University of California at Berkeley’s School of Public Health, said of the viral police joke.

“This is a time when people need to be taking public health authorities very seriously,” he added. “They’re undermining their credibility that will be very much needed if and when an epidemic comes to their community.”

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