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Spurs' rookie Lonnie Walker IV gets a new place in San Antonio

He shares a photo with a little background
Jul 3, 2018 – 11:14 AM EDT

San Antonio is so excited for their newest basketball player Lonnie Walker IV. He just found his first apartment in the Alamo City and we're all kinds of excited for him.

Walker shared a little story of his background and things weren't easy for him growing up.

He states in the caption of the Instagram post that he had to split a cheeseburger for dinner, had chips for breakfast and woke up in the middle of the night to gun shots at his Reading, PA home. He states that he is alive and healthy. Taking faith and also thanking his San Antonio Spurs for giving him the time of day.

Lonnie Walker describes the city of San Antonio home or at "Disneyland." He said that this city is like no other and amazed on how the fans love and care for you.

Lonnie was drafted by the Spurs from the number 18 pick coming from the University of Miami.

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