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San Antonio Police find King Jay's body

The father knew exactly where he was
Jan 11, 2019 – 11:00 AM EST

The body of 8-month-old King Jay Davila has been found by the San Antonio Police Department about less than a mile from where he lived.

His father, 34-year-old Christopher Davila took the police detectives to the corner of Castle Lance and Castle Prince on the east side of San Antonio. He lead the detectives to the exact location where he buried the body.

Investigators dug up a black backpack with a baby body that was wrapped up in a blanket. The medical examiner needs to make sure that the body is in fact King Jay.

Christopher had admitted to the detectives that he was home playing video games with King Jay, who was in his car seat but not strapped in. The car seat had fallen causing the baby to land face first on to the floor.

The affidavit states that a large bump had began to form over King Jay's eye but Christopher was afraid to call 9-1-1. He left the baby alone, hoping for the bump to go away but found King Jay dead. An autopsy of King Jay will reveal the official cause of death.

Now for the father, Christopher, he is now facing felony charges that include injury to a child causing serious bodily injury, felony possession of a firearm and the intent to deliver a controlled substance, and tampering with evidence.

Along with the father, the baby's paternal grandmother, Beatrice Sampayo has been charged along with Davila's cousin, Angie Torres. The mother of King Jay, Jasmine Gonzales, is still being investigated by the police.

The baby had been missing since last Friday and had sparked an intense search for the missing boy.

The father had staged a kidnapping by claiming they had left the infant (King Jay) inside of the running Dodge Dart with the driver's side door unlocked while at a convenience store.

After the father returns outside, he claimed that the vehicle was gone along with his child. The authorities were called and that's when Christopher was arrested for child endangerment but to the authorities, something wasn't quite right with the story.

The vehicle was recovered by police close to Rodriguez Park but the baby and car seat were missing.

Police detectives had reviewed surveillance video of the store and saw that 45-year-old Angie Torres had reportedly took the vehicle.

SAPD Chief McManus had stated that King Jay was never inside the vehicle and that Torres took the vehicle to make it appear that there was an abduction.

The video from the gas station showed Torres going up to the car and taking it but McManus had pointed out it appeared the woman knew what she was doing with no hesitation.

"Every parent out there, everyone understands 'how can someone do that to a child?" McManus tells the media "This kidnapping was used as a ruse to cover up we believe early on was foul play. What other purpose would you fake a kidnapping other than to hide something?"

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