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San Antonio begin testing asymptomatic people

Would you get tested even if you don't have symptoms?
May 12, 2020 – 12:32 PM EDT

The city of San Antonio will now begin the testing of people not showing any symptoms of COVID-19. The restrictions have been dropped requiring citizens to only get tested if they have fever, dry cough, or other symptoms to qualify.

Asymptomatic people can get free testing at a local health care providers, drive-thru locations and through the San Antonio Fire Department's Mobile Integrated Healthcare Program.

“It is important for the uninsured residents to know they also have access to testing at no charge and have resources to make sure they are healthy and are aware of services that are available in our city,” said Dawn Emerick, Metro Health Director in a written statement.

It was mentioned that not all people who are infected with the coronavirus had shown any symptoms.

Texas has one of the lowest testing rates in all of the nation. Only 500,000 Texans have been tested so far for the disease. The county is expecting those numbers to dramatically jump when more people get tested.

For more information visit the San Antonio Metro Health website.