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Rhode Island police find man overdosed with child in vehicle

The man confessed that he took a regulated drug before getting behind the wheel
Aug 8, 2018 – 12:07 PM EDT

North Smithfield Police Department released this photo of an overdosed man with an 18-month old child in the back. The photo shows the 33-year-old man passed out in the driver seat of a vehicle.

When the police questioned the man the next day, Krajczynski confessed that he had taken two OxyContin for shoulder pain. The man quickly admitted that the pills weren't prescribed to him. He explained that he started to "feel funny" and pulled over about 10 minutes into the drive.

Michael Krajczynski of Woonsocket, Rhode Island was charged with cruelty or neglect of a child. He was released pending an appearance in Kent Country District Court on August 30th.

The Department of Children, Youth and Families were quickly notifed about the incident and then the child's mother was advised who took custody of the child.