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Police chief upset about police tv show egging on police pursuit

Pursuit led to an officer being seriously injured
Oct 4, 2019 – 03:16 PM EDT

Press here to react


The TV show COPS is in town following around Bexar County Sheriff's Department and they happened to be involved in a high speed chase. The chase had involved both the San Antonio Police Department and BSCO's Street Crimes Unit. As far as policy goes, it was in the best interest to have had the chase called off rather than continue.

It was reported by Police Chief William McManus that the crew of the reality TV show had influenced the BSCO officers to keep the chase going that had led into a big crash.

The chase started around 6:30p when the Street Crimes Unit had attempted to pull over a pickup truck in the 1800 block of Austin Highway and Lanark when a pursuit happened. The pursuit ended with the pickup truck crashing near I-35 right before Walzem Rd.

San Antonio Police Officer Ralph P. Delgado Jr., a 11-year-veteran with the force was setting up road flares to divert traffic around the crash when suddenly another car hit Delgado's patrol unit pushing it into him and a metal guardrail.

Delgado was immediately rushed to the hospital and had emergency surgery that could potentially end his career. McManus told the press that Delgado is in good spirits but may require more surgeries.

The driver that crashed into Delgado's unit won't be charged and it had appeared to have been a accident.

An upset police chief tells the media: "Now I have an officer in the hospital with a terrible, terrible injury to his leg all because of a traffic pursuit."

"Personalize this, what if it was your wife or husband, son or daughter who was hurt in that chase and you knew the vehicle was being chased for a traffic offense?"

McManus talked with Sheriff javier Salazar about policies. It is SAPD's policy to only engage in a chase if the suspect has violent felonies or a misdemeanor involving a firearm.

"BSCO's policies are not that restrictive and last night's pursuit was an indication of that." said McManus.