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'Old Man' from Pawn Stars show dead at 77

Were you a fan of the show?
Jun 25, 2018 – 11:09 AM EDT

You may know Richard Benjamin Harrison or better known as "Old Man" from many episodes of Pawn Stars. Harrison passed away at the age of 77 surounded by family this weekend. The reason for his death has not been shared yet by the family

He was a father, grandfather and a great-grandfather. The wisecrack man was known for being grumpy at times with family and customers on the show. Harrison served in the United States Navy and had mentioned his career in the show many times.

"Old Man" moved to Las Vegas with his son Rick back in the early 1980's and opened up their store Gold & Silver Pawn Shop. One of the producers stopped by the store and wanted to turn their lives into a show first airing in 2009.

We'll take you back with some of the "Old Man Sayings."