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New proposed law to sell beer and liquor a few hours early on Sundays

This just passed in the Texas House, now it will go to Senate
Apr 26, 2019 – 12:49 PM EDT

On Thursday, the Texas House had voted to allow stores to sell beer and wine beginning at 10am on Sundays. That is two hours earlier than the current law at 12 noon.

The vote came part of an amendment to make the operations of the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission more efficient. House Bill 1545 must pass legislative session in order to avoid being shut down. Once the bill passes it will head on over to the Texas Senate for a vote.

Current law states that licensed retailers, convenience, and grocery stores cannot sell any beer or wine for off-premise consumption until noon on Sunday.

Republican State Representative, Drew Springer had brought the revision of the current law putting it in line with with on site consumption locations such as bars and restaurants.

This change will be the first in over 80 years if it is passed. If passed, this bill doesn't affect liquor stores as they will stay closed on Sunday due to the current law.