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New 'Candyman' trailer just dropped

Do you remember the original?
Feb 25, 2020 – 04:04 PM EST

The trailer is now here! 🐝

One thing you don't want to say is Candyman's name five times. If you do, then you'll summon a hook-handed ghost that'll want to murder you. The classic 90's horror film Candyman is about to get a sequel.

From the mind of Jordan Peele, who is also the screenwriter and producer of the film dare's you to say his name (on Twitter) five times!

The film released a six-second teaser to the trailer leaving us 'hooked' in suspense. Watch if you dare...

To clarify things up about this new film, it disregards the last two sequels as a direct follow up to the original Candyman that was released in 1992.

The Nia DaCosta film releases to theatres on June 12, 2020.

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