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Mexican police still searching for child murder suspect

Feb 19, 2020 – 11:33 AM EST

MEXICO CITY, Mexican authorities are still searching for a woman who was seen on surveillance cameras with 7-year-old Fátima Cecilia Aldrighett Antón on the day that she disappeared.

Fátima was last seen alive on February 11th but her lifeless body was recovered in a plastic bag with signs of trauma four days later.

Officials say that the woman was identified all thanks to a tip from her landlord.

Police had found clothes that belonged to Fátima in the suspect's apartment.

Authorities are offering a reward of two million Mexican pesos ($108,000) for information leading to the woman who is believed to be aged 42 to 45 years old.

Officials have pledged to tighten security for children leaving government schools on their own.

There was a funeral procession for Fátima and had a brief pause outside the door of the school where she was abducted. Plastered on the door were signs calling for justice and another sign standing out urging parents to immediately pick up their children at 12:30 to prevent incidents.

Pallbearers cried out "Soon it could be one of your children! Wake up people!" as the crowd chanted her name.

Fátima was laid to rest in front of grieving family and neighbors on the south side of Mexico City.

Ernestina Godoy, Mexico City prosecutor, said what happened to Fátima was that she recognized the woman and the school had let her go with her.

Humberto Fernandez, the head of the city school system said that there is already a rule instated that requires parents or a designated person to show up within 20 minutes after classes or their children will be taken to the prosecutors' office. That rule had been rarely enforced because the children were only accepted at only one downtown prosecutors' office in a city of 9 million. That means the city would have to use resources such as police officers to take them there.

Mayor Claudia Sheinbaum of Mexico City said that authorities will now issue Amber Alerts and start searching for missing children as soon as they are reported by a relative or teacher.

It was reported that authorities had lost a full day of searching because they had waited for a formal missing person case to be opened as protocol.

Mourners ate plates of romeritos on white plastic tables that were set up in the street outside the home where Fátima was abducted from. They also placed votive candles and spelled out the name of the girl on the sidewalk.

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