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Man saves elderly woman from disaster

The 94-year-old woman was spotted going the wrong direction
Aug 28, 2018 – 10:17 AM EDT

Lubbock, TX - A man is called a hero after he witnessed an elderly woman driving on the wrong side of the highway. Thomas Prado had desperately tried to stop this wrong way driver before she caused a fatal wreck.

The man tells KLBK news "I did some things on there that I probably shouldn't have done on the road.”

Prado was also thinking: "don't let today be her last day, she doesn't know."

Prado was able to get the 94-year-old woman to stop, get her out her car and move her to safety.

Prado did mention that he does drive around 500 miles a day for work and that this was the first time that he'd ever seen something like this.

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