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Gun found on student in San Antonio area high school

The un-named student is facing serious charges
Sep 24, 2019 – 4:22 PM EDT

Two students attending a Southeast side school are being investigated after one of them was found with a gun on campus. Officials from the Edgewood ISD learned about this threat that led the school to go on a "soft" lockdown Tuesday morning.

Officials from Edgewood ISD learned about a threat regarding Kennedy High School to go on a "soft" lockdown Tuesday morning. Two students are being investigated at the Southeast side school after one of them allegedly had brought gun on campus.

An investigation revealed that a threat was made on social media towards the school and the administration is dealing with the student.

Another student told the authorties that she felt an object on another peer's waistband.

Officials had looked into the matter and found an "inoperable hand gun without ammuntiion" on the student minutes later. The student has been arrested is could be facing serious charges.

As for the school, it remains open and class is still in session.