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Enchanted Rock releases warning about bringing pets to park

3 dogs have died already from heat stroke
Aug 28, 2018 – 4:33 PM EDT

Enchanted Rock State Park in Fredericksburg, Texas wants you to leave your four legged friend at home if you plan on visiting the park.

The park announced on Twitter, that 3 dogs have died within one week from heat stroke due to the high temperatures. The temperature on the granite gravel trails can quickly reach 130 or higher.

Enchanted Rock staff actually take temperature readings of the granite because that natural part of the park heats up the quickest.

Some easy tips to prevent your pet from overheating:

- Make sure your pet rests in a shady area.
- Be certain that pets have enough water when going on trails or hikes.
- Avoid hot surfaces such as rocks, asphalt or concrete as their paws can quickly burn.
- Take frequent breaks and don't over do it.
- Bring treats along with you so your pet(s) can keep their energy up.

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