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El Paso City council to honor faller K-9 officer

Locals agree with the changes
Feb 3, 2020 – 03:54 PM EST

EL PASO, TX - The City Council of El Paso Texas are looking to honor K-9 Bulder with a memorial Dog Splash Park. The plans are to rename Pavo Real park to K-9 Bulder Memorial Dog Splash Park. The changes come after K-9 agent Bulder was shot and killed during a confrontation back in December in northeast El Paso.

Bulder was with his handler and agents who were executing a search and arrest warrant to 62-year-old suspect with illegal possession and manufacturing of firearms. The suspect shot and killedthe 5-year-old Belgian Malinois federal agent while firing at agents on the frontline during the altercation.

Bulder was a Special Border Patrol Tactical unit K9.

If passed, the name goes into effect as early as February 4, 2020.

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