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Disruptive remark 'Stay in Mexico' enrages parents at inclusion and anti-racism meeting

"Why didn't you stay in Mexico?"
Feb 5, 2020 – 01:26 PM EST

SALINE, MI - A meeting was called to address racist social media posts from students at a Detroit high school that took a turn.

A hispanic parent, identified as Adrian Iraola was speaking on the mic to other parents in the crowd of abuse from the school system. Shortly afterwards, a white parent had shouted out "Well, why didn't you stay in Mexico?" At that moment, the entire room gasped at the remark from the male parent identified as Tom Burtell that was a row behind. Everyone turned in shock, disgust and even asked the gentleman to leave the meeting. Iraola had kept his composure and expressed a little laugh at Burtell's comment.

Brian Wright had stood up to speak out to the man that made the comment to Iraola who was in the spotlight of the meeting that night.

Iraola was interrupted turned around to hand the microphone to the man who made the uncalled comment, but Burtell refused to take the mic.

"He asked me a question why I didn't stay in Mexico?" said the father.

A statement released by Scot A. Graden, Superintendent for Saline Area Schools reads:

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