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Selena Quintanilla

Chris Perez Reacts To Watching "Selena" Movie For First Time

Fans went wild at the musician's play-by-play Facebook posts while watching the film.
Feb 7, 2017 – 12:41 PM EST

On Monday, Chris Perez took to Facebook to make a confession: he was about to watch the 1997 film Selena for the first time on TV. Even though Perez, who is Selena Quintanilla's widower, was at the premiere of the film starring Jennifer Lopez as the Queen of Tex-Mex 20 years ago, he admits that time he closed his eyes through most of it.

Fans went crazy as Perez commented on Facebook as the movie continued, even setting the record straight about some inconsistencies in the film and some of the memories he recalled. He did though, say that Jennifer Lopez did a "great f**** job" playing Selena. See all of the posts from his timeline below.

Chris Perez saw his character who was played by Jon Seda for the first time.

Chris hesitates about watching the movie but then continues after seeing his character.

Here's a clip of the scene he was watching.

Perez recalls saying "I Love You" moment to Selena.

When they trashed the hotel.

Chris Perez adds more details to the scene.

The part of the movie that showed the large crowd in Mexico.

Chris praises J-Lo's job on playing Selena


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