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Bobby Pulido honored in Edinburg, TX

Congratulations Bobby!
Feb 20, 2020 – 12:13 PM EST

EDINBURG, TX - Tejano star Bobby Pulido was honored in his hometown of Edinburg, Texas on Tuesday evening. The singer was recognized with a proclaimation declaired on February 18, 2020 as "Bobby Pulido Day".

Bobby had a major impact in his hometown representing his city as a celebrity and his work with local charities.

"I think this is long overdue" said Mayor of Edinburg, Richard Molina before reading the proclaimation.

Bobby grew up in Edinburg and took part in Edinburg High School's first mariachi band.

Bobby had grew into fame in the mid-90's as a Tejano star with hits such as "Desvelado" and Se Murió De Amor".

Roberto Pulido, the father of Bobby had witnessed his son get honored at Edinburg City Hall on Tuesday. Roberto is also a Tejano singer and musician.

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