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Barbie celebrates "Dia de Los Muertos" with new doll

Releasing late September
Sep 10, 2019 – 12:22 PM EDT

For the first time ever, popular doll manufacturer Barbie will be releasing a new Dia de los Muertos collectable beginning September 12th.

The $75 Barbie doll will be honoring the Mexican holiday that celebrates the day of the dead that runs from October 31st till November 2nd.

The doll will be outfitted with an elaborate headpiece and a black dress with colorful floral prints. The face of the doll will be painted with traditional sugar skull mask that represents a deceased loved one or an expression of one's self.

Dia de los Muertos is a 3,000 year old tradition that was started by the Aztecs and had influenced Mexico and the United States. Many celebrate this ritual with celebrations, parties and a visit to see loved ones at cemeteries.

This Summer, Mattel had paid homage to women with a collector doll of Rosa Parks, Sally Ride and Frida Kahlo.