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Banning gathering over 500 people in San Antonio

Mayor confirmed the first case of coronavirus in our city
Mar 13, 2020 – 11:49 AM EDT

SAN ANTONIO, TX - Mayor Ron Nirenberg just confirmed the first case of coronavirus outside of Joint Base San Antonio - Lackland at a conference on Friday (Mar. 13).

The case is due to the person coming back from out-of-state travel and is not related to the evacuees coming from the Grand Princess cruise line.

"That we have the first case in the city of San Antonio isn't all that surprising."said Mayor Nirenberg.

The city has confirmed that the patient just self quarantined and is trying to determine who that person came in contact with.

"Our first and foremost responsibility is the public health" said Mayor Nirenberg.

Also, Mayor Ron Nierenburg announced a public health emergency that includes a ban on events drawing 500 or more people.

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