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Akon drops 'Como No' featuring Becky G

Akon is getting into the reggaeton game
Sep 13, 2019 – 10:44 AM EDT

Akon is getting into the reggaeton game with "Como No" following the release of "Get Money" with Anuel AA which is both sung in English and Spanish. The difference with "Como No" is that it is entirely sung in Spanish, the first of its kind for Akon.

The inspiration for the song came from me just wanting to do a great Latin record." Akon tells MTV "Then I lay all the melodies down before any words so we can hear the idea of the song before anything else is added." said Akon.

Akon brought in Spanish speaking writers to craft the lyrics and expain his story in the song. Afterwards, he blends everything together. Then he brought in latin sensation Becky G to give the song the icing on the cake. Akon sent over Becky the song and she absolutely loved it.