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A part of east Houston is underwater due to water main break

Be safe Houston.
Feb 27, 2020 – 03:41 PM EST

A part of an east Houston community at the 9200 block of Clinton Dr. and Loop 610 is shut down after a 96-inch water line busted. A section of Loop 610 along with a neighborhood are underwater.

Water had rushed over the center divider of Loop 610. Making things worse, mud, vegetation and debris were pushed onto the road covering vehicles in soot, leaving drivers stranded.

It was confirmed that construction crews who were doing exploratory work for a water line project removing soil from the line when the pipe bursted.

Houston Fire Department was dispatched with rescue boats to assist stranded motorist to safety. There were no reports of any injuries or deaths at this time due to the flooding.

Authorities are asking the public to avoid the area at all costs.

Mayor of Houston, Sylvester Turner turned to social media to pubically announce what happened.

Houston's Mayor gives authorization to do what it takes to isolate the situation.

Houston Fire Department launced rescue operation to the stranded motorist affected by the water main break.

Luckily no homes were breached by the water main break.

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