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A father gets emotional after finding out what his kids got him for birthday

Grab some tissues, this will make your eyes water
Aug 30, 2019 – 11:54 AM EDT

Azusa, California - A father of five was in shock and awe when his kids showed him his new birthday present.

In a viral video that racked over 4 million views posted to Twitter shows the emotional moment that Alfredo Valencia's five children along with his wife surprised him with a brand new 2019 Chevrolet for his 60th birthday.

You can see the disbelief on Alfredo's face when he see's his new truck in the driveway.

The truck was the hard working dad's dream vehicle who made a lot of sacrifices to give his kids everything they needed.

“We just knew it was the right thing. It was his 60th birthday. All of his kids have brand new cars and it’s just right that he gets the new truck he always wanted and he always said one day he was gonna get it but it didn’t happen… He’s sacrificed a lot of things for us. He rather have us have everything rather than him,” said his daughter Yessenia Valencia.

In addition to the new ride, the Los Angeles Dodgers sweetened up the deal with tickets to an upcoming game along with a parking pass for the new wheels.