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Toilet paper calculator calculates how much TP you really need

We all need toilet paper
Mar 25, 2020 – 09:12 PM EDT

With toilet paper scarce around the country. Many people had hoarded many rolls of the fluffy stuff on a roll. But do you really need 100 rolls of toilet paper?

A new website is a website created by Ben Sassoon, a software developer in London and artist Sam Harris in response to the coronavirus pandemic. This tool will calculate on how much toilet paper you'll need to get by during quarintine.

The idea had came to these guys when they both discussed on how much TP they used and "how it would change during a pandemic."

There are sliders to adjust to how many rolls of toilet paper that you currently have and how often a day that you go. The calculator will give out how many days you have left during your quarantine.

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