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Rosalía nailed her Austin City Limits debut

The show was taped live in Austin
Feb 11, 2020 – 11:55 AM EST

Rosalía performed "Con Altura" live on stage at the Austin City Limits. The Grammy-award winning Barcelona singer closed out the 45th season of the ACL show that premieres on PBS. The 26-year-old songstress performed a 16-song set that aired on television February 8th.

“All right, Austin,” the Spanish star told the crowd, seizing the microphone from a dancer. “If you know this song, I want to hear you sing it with us!” She sang the opening lines over the track’s signature Flamenco handclaps (“ Ese cristalito roto/Yo sentí cómo crujía“) before she and her dancers broke out in synchronized movement. “It means so much to me to be here because I’m very far from where I am from,” she later told the audience.

Here is the setlist for when the show airs.

Pienso En Tu Mirá
Barefoot in the Park
De Madrugá
Dio$ No$ Libere Del Dinero
A Ningún Hombre
De Aquí No Sales
Di Mi Nombre
Parrita Remix
Yo x Ti, Tu x Mi
Con Altura
Aute Cuture

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