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Puerto Rico recovering after Hurricane Dorian

Mother nature spared the U.S. territory
Aug 29, 2019 – 4:46 PM EDT

Hurricane Dorian, which is now a category 3 hurricane barely dodged U.S. territory, Puerto Rico. The hurricane is now on course set to strike mid Florida. People are recovering, removing boards off of windows in a sigh of relief that could have been another catastrophic loss.

One man is dead after he fell from his roof while trying to clear a drain preparing for the storm. In preparation, Puerto Rican's feared the worst since Hurricane Maria with shutting down the airport and local schools.

The National Weather Service states that only moderate to heavy showers fell across the U.S. territory sparing much disaster from major metropolitan areas with heavy population. The island of Culebra suffered the worst of the storm, measuring up to 5 inches of rain while other parts of the island recieved a half inch to two inches of rainfall.

"I am proud of our Puerto Rican community, because once again they showed discipline, preparation, and respect towards all the orders given to them for their protection." Gov. Wanda Vázquez Garced said

A little after 7 p.m. Wednesday, San Juan, the Capital of Puerto Rico reported a wind gust of 34 M.P.H. which is tremendously below what was forecasted.

Many residents have been stocking up on water, canned food and gas in anticipating of the storm. Thursday, the schools and airport reopened.