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Many wedding guests tested positive

Please stay home
Mar 23, 2020 – 03:50 PM EDT

AUSTRALIA - Dozens of people who attended a wedding earlier this month at Stanwell Tops tested positive for coronavirus. Health officials confirmed the news at a press conference on Monday providing more information to their country.

Dr. Kerry Chant, New South Wales Cheif Health Officer said that six people who attended the March 6th wedding were infected with the virus.

By Friday, the number of infected rose up to 31 according to the health department.

"I was a guest at a friend’s wedding in Stanwell Tops on 6 March. After satisfying the guidelines of direct exposure and flu symptoms, I have tested positive to Coronavirus". said one of the guests who had attended who tested positive. "I am following the guidelines set by NSW Health and will isolate myself."

Officials were unable to pinpoint the source of the contagion.

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