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Maluma announces new album

The Latin artist is taking things to a spiritual level
Feb 11, 2019 – 05:45 PM EST

We now know what the title to Maluma's next album is going to be. The Colombian music artist posted to his social media account the album art to 11:11.

While Maluma didn't share an exact release date of the album, we know that it shouldn't be much longer.

Maluma captioned on his Instagram: “11:11 is a direct signal from our guides, angels and teachers to establish a moment of connection, synchronicity and awareness with ourselves, with the whole, it is a wake-up call, it is a door to meditate, to listen to our intuition, to look in our interior, time to stop and feel the subtle energies of the universe, is a call from our essence, a reminder of our true purpose on earth, is a call to trust.”

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