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Houston club tries to open at midnight; claims is a restaurant

The law got involved
May 1, 2020 – 10:45 AM EDT

A strip club in Houston had to be shut down by the police because they tried to re-open at midnight. Gov. Greg Abbott issued an order on Monday that on Friday restaurants, malls, movie theatres, and retail stores could open up to accomodate 25% of their occupancy.

The strip club claimed that it's a restaurant with entertainment and that he is within his rights under the state's executive order.

The Houston Police department disagreed with his comment and said that they must shut the club down immediately. While no lap dancing was involved with any of the customers and the entertainers were wearing face coverings. Officials still were in disagreement with the operations and threatened the owner with charges if they didn't shut down.

The club owner spoke with KTRK Houston and provided the following statement.

"We are opening as a restaurant. We have a 50 percent liquor license as required by the Governor. We will have social distancing inside and in the wait line. Customer and employee safety is a priority. All staff will wear masks."