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Hospital beds in San Antonio filling fast, Freeman Coliseum to become overflow

Jun 30, 2020 – 12:32 PM EDT

COVID-19 has struck San Antonio real hard. Hospitals around town are seeing an increase in patients as they are waiting in the Emergency Rooms in some hospitals.

At the University Hospital, they have up to 70 additional beds but the request for nurses is at an all-time high. A total of 815 critical care nurses are to arrive in San Antonio to assist with hospitals. 565 of those nurses are arriving from the state hospital system and 250 from the U.S. Navy.

Officials in San Antonio along with local leaders are saying that San Antonio is starting to see a small decrease in positive cases. One out of four citizens are being admitted into the hospital system because they're infected severely with COVID-19.

“The concerning thing right now is how fast these cases are accelerating we are going to blow through these phases if we don’t go through to curb the trend in these cases," Mayor Ron Nirenberg said.

As for the Freeman Coliseum, Mayor Ron Nirenberg said that the equipment is ready. There are beds inside. There are tents there. All it needs is people to facilitate and nurses in case it is needed for overflow as hospital beds are filling up quickly.

The hospital stress score has been elevated from "normal" to "high" with the highest at "severe", which we haven't yet reached.