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Family fight preventing José José cremations going to home country

Family each had their own agenda on what to do with their late father's remains
Oct 9, 2019 – 05:23 PM EDT

José Josê, The Príncipe de la Canción (The Prince of Song) died on September 28th after a lengthy battle with pancreatic cancer.

Reports show the singer was cremated in Miami, Florida on Tuesday and the ashes of the late Josê Josê will be distributed three ways among his three children -- 37-year-old Marysol Estrella Ortiz Noreña, 43-year-old Josê Joel and 24-year-old Sarita Sosa Salizar.

On Wednesday, Mexico paid homage to the music mogul icon in Mexico City where a part of his ashes will be displayed for his fans and family to pay tribute to.

It has been a family battle over where the remains would be laid to rest. The 71-year-old was cremated at it was agreed that half of the ashes would be split amongst the three children and the other half brought back to Mexico City, where the singer was born.