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Woman arrested for twerking on top of moving car

This happened near Nashville, Tennessee
Oct 11, 2019 – 11:56 AM EDT

An Antioch, TN woman found out the hard way that twerking on top of a car is illegal. Viral video that shows 23-year-old Myscellent Shelton-Cox on top of a moving car rolling through train tracks.

Police caught up with Myscellent and arrested her for disorderly conduct. According to a police affidivit, it mentioned that Myscellent was booked for dancing on top of a moving vehicle causing disruption to other motorists. Myscellent was "unrestrained and her actions were causing other motorists to divert their attention." Also "she could have fallen and have been struck by other vehicles in the area or even the vehicle she was traveling on."

Local news, WKRN 2 interviewed Myscellent and said that "she was having fun and didn't know it was illegal."

“I take chances in life because at the end of the day, there’s too many rules,” she said. “We’d been sitting in traffic for 30 minutes, waiting on the train… I told my friend to drive my car, hopped on the car, did my little dancing and you know, just having a good time. I’m going to put on a little show, you know. I’m in traffic anyway. Why not turn up in traffic?”

Myscellent admitted it wasn't her first time doing the stunt. "I have balance and I does it before, so I know what I'm doing"

Court records show she was booked in the Metro Jail before being bonded out at 3 A.M. Friday morning.