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Tyler Perry left a great tip when he dined at a San Antonio restaurant

The actor left a 1,850 percent tip for his waitress.
Sep 13, 2017 – 4:05 PM EDT

Actor and comedian Tyler Perry made a surprise appearance in San Antonio a few days just before his birthday. The star ate at one of the fine vegetarian restaurants at the Pearl Brewery on September 11th for lunch. After his meal, Perry paid the $27.06 bill with a generous $500.00 tip. That is a 1,850 percent tip!

On top of that, Janet Jackson and co-owner of Green Vegetarian Cuisine Mike Behrend were in the selfie photo with Tyler Perry.

It was not said what Perry was doing in the Alamo city, but he recently donated $1 million to Houston charities for hurricane relief efforts and made a television appearance for the Hand In Hand telethon.