Micheal Ray Stevenson

Tyga’s Car Repo’d While Car Shopping

Look for a new car, lose your current car...
Aug 31, 2016 – 4:59 PM EDT

Well that's embarrassing!

Tyga was out with girlfriend Kylie Jenner at the time his Ferrari 488 GTB got repo’d. Apparently they were out car shopping looking for a new Bentley! TMZ reports that the repo man had a key to the luxury sports car, hopped in, started it up and took off. It's said that Tyga missed some lease payments and the lessor wanted the vehicle back.

It appears that Tyga and Kylie ended up getting a ride back home from a nearby friend. This isn’t the first financial troubles for Tyga. He is currently dealing with $18k in damages to an investment property group because the place was apparently left in ruins. Tyga also owes $200k to Jason Arasheben for two expensive pieces of jewelry that still haven't been paid for. Tyga just paid off back rent to his former landlord because a judge ordered him to.

That’s ok, Tyga is not ride-less. He has his other vehicles like three Mercedes, a Rolls Royce Phantom and a vintage Impala.

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