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Two students launch website to help people find items

This is a very useful tool.
Mar 26, 2020 – 11:03 AM EDT

19-year-old Rithwik Pattikonda and 18-year-old Darshan Bhatta are two computer science students at the University of Texas. The two saw their parents struggling to find groceries due to people buying up items as we bunker down in our homes for COVID-19 pandemic.

The two had launched a website called, which is a tool that helps people find hard to find items at surrounding stores by the user.

It works by typing in what you're looking for and your zip code. The tool searches the inventory at surrounding stores nearby.

The two geniuses had spent their entire spring break creating this system that will help many people.

"A lot of people were going to five or six different stores to find a specific item, and in these days when we're trying to promote social distancing, going to all these different stores and struggling to find an item is really not good for society," said Pattikonda.

Over a two-day time frame there were over 17,000 visitors to their website and hopes that it will become super useful to those who really need it, especially during struggling times.

The two don't want to make any money off of their website but there is a button that you can get them a cup of coffee or donate so they can cover their website hosting fees.

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