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Travis Scott fans turn to destruction after learning about postponed show

Fans were riled up and upset that the show didn't happen
Feb 12, 2019 – 11:53 AM EST

Travis Scott fans in Tulsa, Oklahoma were extremely disappointed to get to the arena only to find out that ASTROWORLD was postponed due to techical production issues.

Travis Scott posted to social media explaining to his fans in Tulsa why the show was postponed and that the tickets will be honored on a different day.

The Fans were having none of that. They didn't understand or take the message simply and their frusteration lead to disaster.

Some people were throwing things at the door of the BOK Center in attempts to send a message. The only message was sent had resulted in police action.

WARNING: Some of the videos below contain explicit language - viewer discretion advised.

Travis Scott's second leg of ASTROWORLD is set to begin in Houston on February 13th and Tulsa's show was rescheduled to March 26th.

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