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The New Viral Challenge Looks Painful

The new challenge looks really, really painful.
Nov 22, 2016 – 4:42 PM EST

First it was "Andy's Coming" challenge where someone shouts out "Andy is coming" and everyone drops to the ground like how the toys did in Toy Story. Then it was the "Mannequin Challenge" where everyone stands still motionless to the beat of Rae Sremmurd's song "Black Beetles." Now, the "Backpack Challenge" is going viral.

Here's how the #BackpackChallenge works. One person runs between a row of people lined up on each side. Once the person starts running through the line, each person throws their backpack at the person. We are quite curious of why you want to participate in the first place? Students carry books, laptops, and other crazy stuff in their backpack.

Here are a few videos circulating around the internet.

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