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Tekashi 69 has a plan to get out of prison

Will it work though?
Apr 8, 2019 – 1:09 PM EDT

Tekashi69 thinks he has a plan to get out of jail but he's going to need the help of the people he just snitched on. 6ix9ine and his former manager, Shotti have already pled guilty in their federal racketeering cases but there are several defendants to go on trial in September.

6ix9ine and his attorneys hope that all of the others take deals given the overwhelming evidence against them so there wouldn't be any need for a trial at all.

Dawn Florio, 6ix9ine's lawyer stated that if the other men take the plea deals and the trial is called off then Tekashi69 will be able to walk out of prison.

This will only happen if the judge is to grant the time 6ix9ine had already spent in prison since November. 6ix9ine had already fulfilled his obligations under his cooperation agreement with authorities.

This is a long shot for the rapper but it's probably the only chance 6ix9ine has. Florio says that a plea deal could happen at anytime since the other defendants has filed motion to dismiss the charges.