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Rocky Johnson, father of "The Rock" dead at 75

He was the father to Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson
Jan 16, 2020 – 10:35 AM EST

The father of "The Rock", Rocky Johnson has died at the age of 75 Wednesday evening. The devistating news came from the official WWE Twitter account. The cause of death wasn't specified.

Mr. Johnson had some wrestling history himself. Born as Wayde Douglas Bowles, he had adapated the name Rocky Johnson from two of boxing's greatest: George Foreman and Muhammad Ali. His career in wrestling began in the 1960's with the National Wrestling Alliance and then what is now the WWE in 1983.

Mr. Johnson retired from the ring in 1991. His son "The Rock" had joined the ring in 1996, and Mr. Johnson had became a frequent part of his son's act. Mr. Johnson leaped into action to defend his son when he came into some trouble.

In 2008, "The Rock" had helped his father get inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame where he said "he will be forever enshrined as one of sports-entertainment's most influential performers."