Rick Ross and Briana Camille Welcome Baby Girl

The child's name has yet to be revealed
Sep 6, 2017 – 5:16 PM EDT

Rapper Rick Ross and fitness model Briana Camille have good cause to celebrate. It appears that the two have welcomed a baby girl.

While Ross has yet to make any sort of announcement, the news seemed to be confirmed when Camille posted a photo on Instagram, showing what appears to be gifts from Ross to the new baby.

A few hours later, she also posted a photo of a bundle of 'It's A Girl' balloons from what looks to be like the inside of a hospital room.

Ross' daughter also celebrated her new sibling by posting a photo on Snapchat, accompanied by text that read, "Got too much to lose, man I got a little sister."

Ross and Camille's relationship, however, remains unclear. The rapper has recently been rumored to be dating Twitter executive Liz Hagelthorn.

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