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Rapper Raps About Adopting a Cat

This rapper shows his love for adopting his new furry friend.
Apr 6, 2017 – 7:15 PM EDT

You can really rap about anything these days but iAmMoshow rapped about his experience adopting a cat. The Portland based rapper was born in Baltimore and has been rapping since he was in his teens. iAmMoshow has his heart set on the furry felines and owns four cats. He tells Complex more about his cats. The cat rapper says that his cats are all sphynx breeds, meaning they lack a coat. The cat father calls his cats his kids and their names are Sushi, Tali, Megamam and Ravioli.

IAmMoshow just made a rap while giving his cat a bath.

IAmMoshow's rap song about his cat had got him 1.8 million views and the video of him giving his cat a bath got him nearly 5 million views. So if you got a passion for something you love, you might wanna rap about it. It could make you go viral.

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