Popular digital video company bans dangerous pranks

The company is saying no more to showing dangerous stunts or pranks
Jan 16, 2019 – 11:33 AM EST

San Bruno, CA - Online media company YouTube is trying to prevent people from going viral doing dangerous and stupid things.

Last year, the the "Tide Pod" challenge started off 2018 with people ending up in the hospital.

The challenge posed a health risk to anyone that participated when they were challenged to eat a laundry detergent pod that is supposed to dissolve in the washing machine.

But we're starting off 2019 just as bad as the "Bird Box" challenge has people blindfolding themselves being filmed walking into walls, down stairwells and even someone got into a car accident while driving blindfolded.

The digital media company has had enough and implemented a ban to any stunt or challenge that deems dangerous in any way.

The updated policy states: "While it might not seem fair to say you can’t show something because of what viewers might do in response, we draw the line at Content that intends to incite violence or encourage dangerous or illegal activities that have an inherent risk of serious physical harm or death.

We also restrict Content that intends to sell certain regulated or illegal goods and services through direct sales or links to sites that sell these items. These items include, but may not be limited to, drugs, pharmaceuticals that require a prescription, alcohol, nicotine products, online gambling casinos, counterfeit documents, or stolen credit card information.

Videos that we consider encouraging dangerous or illegal activities include, among other things, the following:

Instructional bomb making
Challenges that encourage acts that have an inherent risk of severe physical harm
Pranks that make victims believe they’re in physical danger
Pranks that cause emotional distress to children
Hard drug use
Other acts that may result in serious injury
A video that depicts dangerous acts may be allowed if the primary purpose is educational, documentary, scientific, or artistic (EDSA), and it isn’t gratuitously graphic. For example, a news piece on the dangers of choking games would be appropriate, but posting clips out of context from the same documentary might not be.

Videos that incite others to commit acts of violence are strictly prohibited from YouTube. If your video asks others to commit an act of violence or threatens people with serious acts of violence, it will be removed from the site.

We are very sensitive to any harmful or dangerous Content that involves children. If your video shows a minor participating in a harmful or dangerous activity, do not post it. In the interest of protecting children, we may age-restrict videos containing adults participating in activities that have a high risk of injury or death."

So stick to simple challenges like the "10-year" challenge.


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