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Please don't bring your entire family out to grocery store

We're doing our part to help spread the word
Apr 2, 2020 – 12:57 PM EDT

Under normal circumstances, you would gather your family for an outing. However, these aren't normal times. There's people that are saying that they're bored so they're gathering up the family and head out to the grocery store together.

This is a big issue if we're all trying to help slow the spread of COVID-19. H-E-B President Scott McClelland sent a public service announcement to help bring awareness to the issue.

“If you come to the store, don’t come with your entire family,” said McClelland. "I was in the store yesterday and because people are bored they’re like, “Hey, let’s all go to the grocery store.' So, a family of six showed up. Send one person, that way you lessen the ability for the virus to spread.”

Stores are asking those shoppers to leave their family at home and only send one or two people to get essentials. Another way to help slow the spread is to utilize curbside or delivery.