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Playboi Carti reveals he has asthma

"Literally scared to fall asleep on my back"
Aug 7, 2018 – 3:04 PM EDT

According to medical experts, asthma is when someone has a chronic lung condition when the airway becomes inflamed and contricts making breathing difficult.

The rapper who is in the middle of the Die Lit tour has came out saying he has the "worst case of asthma."

Carti said in a Tweet: "* breathing is so difficult for meh @ da moment! Literally scared to fall asleep on my back . i have da worst case of asthma. N never knew til today . to all my fans who suffer from asthma! I’m with u n #we as a whole must stay strong *"

Carti didn't say if his asthma will have an impact on future tours, but he remains in high spirits.