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Ms. Minnie dead at 34 in terrible car wreck

Apr 28, 2020 – 11:37 AM EDT

Heartbreaking news coming out of Atlanta. Little Women: Atlanta star Ashley Ross or better known as Ms. Minnie died from serious injuries from a car accident.

It is unknown of what caused the crash and investigators are trying to find out.

Minnie's team says that the reality TV star had "succumbed to injuries from a tragic hit and run car accident." The incident happened Sunday night at approximately 11 p.m. right outside of Atlanta, Georgia.

Authorities say she had struck a Ford Focus and the driver of that car suffered minor injuries. Ms. Minnie was immediately rushed to Grady Memorial Hospital where she died 24 hours later.

Her family confirmed her death and provided a public statement on her Instagram account.

Minnie is survived by her mother, grandmother, aunt, uncle, and other members of her family. She was 34.