Marlon Wayans and Busta Rhymes faced off in a hilarious freestyle rap battle

The two were attending Jeezy's birthday party in Miami when they decided to throw down
Oct 9, 2017 – 5:04 PM EDT

This is one epic rap battle we could watch over and over again.

According to thesource.com, Marlon Wayans and Busta Rhymes attended Jeezy's birthday party at the LIV nightclub in Miami on Sunday night. It looks like these two were enjoying themselves as they decided to go head-to-head in a hilarious freestyle "rap battle" outside of the venue.

WARNING: This video contains mature language.

Rap battle aside, there seems to be nothing but love between these two. After Wayans drops his verse, Busta looks like he is smiling and laughing along with the crowd.

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