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Mac Miller's cause of death released

The coroner confirmed it was accidental drug overdose
Nov 5, 2018 – 4:14 PM EST

According to the Los Angeles County Coroner's Office, toxicology reports had shown a deadly combination of fentanyl, cocaine and ethanol alcohol in his system at the time of his death. While each drug was not deadly individually, the combination is what killed Miller in September.

Miller was found by his assistant in his San Fernando Valley home in the "praying position" with his face resting on his knees. Miller's assistant called out to 9-1-1, he described Miller as being blue. When the paramedics arrived, they pronounced him dead at the scene.

Police had found a rolled up $20 bill with white powdery residue that was found in Miller's right pocket. Authorities had also found the same substance on the screen of an iPad in his studio along with two baggies with the white powder.

Miller had a 1/4 abraision on the bridge of his nose and blood coming out of one of his nostrils.

The cops had also discovered several of bottles of prescription pills in Miller's bathroom such as Xanax, ozycodone, hydrocodone and the generic version of Adderall.