Logic drops an emotional music video about immigration

This is a must watch
Aug 17, 2018 – 3:11 PM EDT

Logic just released the visuals for "One Day" and we're speechless. The rapper went to highlight the issues that are happening in the United States right now. One of the issues was immigration. In the beginning of the video, they show a Latin family reaching the U.S. border. The Border Patrol caught the family and detained them. One of the heart felt scenes was the agent pulling the baby away from the mother.

The video then cuts to a Pro-Nazi family who is celebrating a little boy's birthday. The boy seemed to take on his older brother. The scene cuts to them growing older and older and then cuts to where the older brother says "This is our country, this is our land, we stole it fair and square."

There's also a racial scene where there may be a racial fight between a black man and the pro-Nazi agitator. One of his friends pulls out a knife and then trips and falls into it. They rush him to the emergency room where a Latin operating doctor who was the immigrant boy taken by the border patrol agent in the beginning of the video. The staff sees the swastika tattoo on his chest, looks at each other and then tells the patient "You're going to be okay."

The video then turns to Logic who is wearing a black t-shirt that says "F--k the wall" and Ryan Tedder next to him to finish off the video. Very, very powerful.

Warning: The video contains explicit language, viewer discretion advised.

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