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Little girl had enough of being ignored

She saw the opportunity to throw her dad's phone in the sea
Aug 13, 2018 – 5:29 PM EDT

Russian rapper Timati is having the time of his life with his four-year-old daughter Alisa out at sea. Video shows the rapper on a phone call. His daughter had tried to grab his attention but the dad went back to his business on the phone.

His daughter had grabbed his attention one last time and that's when Alisa saw the opportunity when her father had lowered his phone. She immediately grabbed the phone and headed towards the edge of the boat. That's when she threw the phone out to sea.

In disbelief the father had a look of shock. That's when the daughter, remind you she's only four, looked relieved.

The video has already racked up 5.8 million views on Instagram.

Now the two can fly kites together without any interruption until her dad gets a new phone back on land.