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Lil Wayne has to pay $150,000 for fake bookings

Weezy is in legal trouble
Sep 26, 2019 – 04:15 PM EDT

Rapper Lil Wayne is taking another legal issue and it is going to cost him $150,000. A judge had ordered Weezy to come up $150k in a lawsuit that is claiming to create fake concert bookings to set up fraudulent shows.

Ramin Natan had sued Lil Wayne and Migos earlier this year in regards to claims that they were creating ponzi schemes to create shell companies to promote shows they will never perform at.

One of the things is that Natan said that he gave out a $500k loan to Eric Strenger, who was allegedly promoting some Lil Wayne shows. Natan believes that Strenger had lied about being a promoter and the plan had issues from the get-go. Natan said that Weezy took the money but never delivered a show or returned the money.

Lil Wayne never responded to the first lawsuit in the first place and ignoring it cause him greater legal trouble that led a judge hitting him with a default. It is unclear that Weezy will be fighting the lawsuit or not.