Lil Pump was arrested in Miami

The rapper's bail was set for $500
Aug 30, 2018 – 10:11 AM EDT

On Wednesday, August 29th Lil Pump was pulled over in Miami for a license plate on the Rolls-Royce he was driving actually belonged to a Mini Cooper.

When the cops went up to the window to ask the 18-year-old rapper for his drivers license, he allegedly said he didn't have one.

Cops booked him for driving without a valid license. He was held for $500 bond.

The rapper was previously arrested for firing a weapon inside his San Fernando Valley, CA home in February. He had claimed that three men were trying to break into his hope and he shot at them after they entered. When the officers arrived they discovered a bullet hole in the front door. He was booked and placed on house arrest later.

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